Dm Stith

Dm Stith: Heavy Ghost

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Artist: Dm Stith

Artist: Dm Stith
Title: Heavy Ghost

"Heavy Ghost" communicates a startling range - from earnest yearning to heartbreak, shimmering hopefulness to the brink of existential despair. Stith's ethereal voice communicates the unfathomable - mysticism, the commingling of water and fire, waking dreams, spiritual torment - with such reckless abandon that is rarely seen in many albums, let alone a debut work. Includes appearances by Sufjan Stevens, Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond, Osso, and Rafter.

1.1 Isaac's Song
1.2 Pity Dance
1.3 Creekmouth
1.4 Pigs
1.5 Spirit Parade
1.6 BMB
1.7 Thanksgiving Moon
1.8 Fire of Birds
1.9 Morning Glory Cloud
1.10 GMS
1.11 Braid of Voices
1.12 Wig

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