Doc Watson

Doc Watson: Little Stream of Whiskey & Other Favorites

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Doc Watson

Title: Little Stream of Whiskey & Other Favorites
Label: Essential Media Mod

The late Doc Watson was perhaps the foremost and certainly most popular practitioner of a country folk tradition that extends back to the birth of America. As singer and guitarist, Arthel “Doc” Watson had no peers, and more than any other folk artist, Doc was responsible for keeping America’s pure musical heritage alive and made sure it was passed down to the next generation. Presented here are some of Doc’s earliest recordings, recorded by noted folk and blues producer and researcher Norman Dayron. These recordings represent some of the finest and purest work committed to disc by the traditional master, and contain songs that Doc continued to perform throughout his career. All selections have been newly re-mastered.

1.1 Little Stream of Whiskey
1.2 Doc's Guitar
1.3 Tom Dooley
1.4 Liza Jane
1.5 Sally Goodin
1.6 Am I Born to Die
1.7 What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul
1.8 Worried Blues
1.9 Doc's Talkin' Blues
1.10 Mama Blues
1.11 In the Pines
1.12 Midnight on the Stormy Deep

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