Doctor Fluorescent

Doctor Fluorescent: Doctor Fluorescent

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Doctor Fluorescent
Title: Doctor Fluorescent
Product Type: VINYL LP

Born out of the minds of Californian musicians Scott Gilmore and Eddie Ruscha (who records as Secret Circuit and E Ruscha V), Doctor Fluorescent is a mad scientist who creates cinematic music, using old synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines. His godfathers Scott & Eddie describe this album as being akin to "a private pressing of an electronic voyage album, discovered in a stack of future jazz records next to Roger Powell and Wally Badarou" At once experimental and poppy, the album will provide a lovely, dreamy listening experience. Gilmour's music has been described by Uncut as sounding like some parallel-universe collaboration between Brian Eno and electro-jazz innovator Raymond Scott with wistful Arthur Russell-like sighs.

1.1 Spirits Alone
1.2 Butterfly Jury
1.3 A Museum
1.4 Carbon Footsteps
1.5 Doctor Fluorescent's Emporium
1.6 The Church Sweeper
1.7 These Are My Eyes
1.8 Bamboo Horses
1.9 Softly Saying
1.10 Spies

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