Domu: One Off's, Remixes and B-Sides

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Domu

Title: One Off's, Remixes and B-Sides
Label: Tru Thoughts

A collection, spread over 2 CDs, One Offs, Remixes and B Sides is bursting at the seams with the many standout musical moments of Domu's illustrious career to date, along with a handful of hard-to-find/sought-after cuts. DJ'ing the world over and releasing a total of eight albums, under various guises, on labels from Talking Loud to Ninja Tune, Domu he has found his niche, emerging as one of the main players in the world of broken beat and soulful Electronica.

1.1 Collecting Dust
1.2 Message to Omar
1.3 Last Time
1.4 Mash Up [The Dancehall Mix]
1.5 Best in Me
1.6 Turning the Tide [Original Mix]
1.7 Springbreak
1.8 Something New
1.9 Quarantine
1.10 Dangerous Times
1.11 Worldwide [Original Mix]
1.12 Taking Flight
1.13 Snake Eyes [Edit]
1.14 Save It
2.1 Talking Me Down [Domu Slow Remix]
2.2 Waiting for Your Touch [Domu Remix]
2.3 Hypnotised [Domu Umod Mix]
2.4 Tickles [Domu Remix]
2.5 Impending Doom [Domu Remix]
2.6 Gotta Decide [Domu Remix]
2.7 Somethin' Extra [Domu Mix]
2.8 Tell Me [Domu Vocal Mix]
2.9 Don't You Worry [Domu Remix]
2.10 The Gal Ctica Suite [Domu Remix]
2.11 Soon [Domu Vocal Mix]
2.12 Man with the Movie Camera [Domu Remix]
2.13 Take It Low [Domu Remix]

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