Don McGlashan

Don McGlashan: Warm Hand

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Artist: Don McGlashan

Artist: Don McGlashan
Title: Warm Hand

Don McGlashan's first album under his own name arrives at a time he's got a top ten hit under somebody else's. from his soundtrack to the film No 2, Bathe in the River sung by Hollie Smith, is McGlashan's first blip on the pop radar since the Mutton Birds quietly called it a day at the turn of the century, having given it a good go across four studio albums here and Up Over. There are songs which hark back to the Mutton Birds years - homesick opener This Is London and Harbour Bridge which puts another pin in the map of McGlashan's Auckland with yet another song of airports and goodbyes.

1.1 This Is
1.2 Toy Factory Fire
1.3 Blame 5:41
1.4 Harbour Bridge
1.5 Courier
1.6 Passenger 26
1.7 I Will Not Let You Down
1.8 Interlude
1.9 Miracle Sun
1.10 Queen of the Night

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