Donna De Lory

Donna De Lory: Universal Light Remixes from the Unchanging

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Donna De Lory

Title: Universal Light Remixes from the Unchanging
Label: White Swan

Donna de Lory's exquisite voice shines brilliantly on her new release, Universal Light: Remixes from The Unchanging + Bonus Tracks. Remix masters including Carmen Rizzo, Mac Quayle, David Starfire, Rara Avis, Eastern Sun, Drumspyder, FreQ Nasty, Atom Smith and Willie Lewis transform timeless melodies from de Lory's 2013 masterpiece, grounding them in earthy, deep-trance rhythms that bathe the spirit in bliss while moving the body into the ecstasy of divine dance. You all know how much Donna loves to dance and is always so happy to make music with the intention to help free peoples bodies, hearts and souls.

1.1 Om Tare Tuttare (Atom Smith Mantra Flow Remix)
1.2 Gayatri Mantra (Carmen Rizzo Electronic Chill Remix)
1.3 The Offering (Drumspyder Mantra Dance Remix)
1.4 Praying for Love (Rara Avis Yoga World Beat Remix)
1.5 Amma (Carmen Rizzo World Dance Remix)
1.6 The Unchanging (Atom Smith Chill Yoga Flow Remix)
1.7 By Your Grace
1.8 Gayatri Mantra (Willie Lewis Electronic Yoga Remix)
1.9 Jai Mata Kali (David Starfire, Freq Nasty, Dub Kirtan Allstars Mix)
1.10 Om Namah Shivayah (Ecstatic World Beat Mix)
1.11 Amazing Grace (Eastern Sun Yoga Chill Remix)
1.12 Luciana (Willile Lewis Ambient Chill Remix)

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