Donnybrook / O.C.R.: Donnybrook / O.C.R.

Donnybrook / O.C.R.: Donnybrook / O.C.R.
Title: Donnybrook / O.C.R.
Label: Stage Door

'Donnybrook!' was a musical based on the 1933 Maurice Walsh story 'The Quiet Man' and featured music and lyrics by Academy Award winning composer Johnny Burke and book by Robert E. McEnroe. The production was directed and choreographed by Jack Cole and featured an all-star cast led by Eddie Foy Jr., Art Lund, Joan Fagan, Susan Johnson and Philip Bosco. The story of 'Donnybrook!' centres on John Enright, an Irish-American ex-prize fighter who, having accidentally killed a man in the ring, returns home to Ireland to lead a quiet life. Settling in the small town of Innesfree, Enright falls in love with Ellen Roe, however to win Ellen's heart, he is forced to participate in a wild brawl and thus prove his courage.'Donnybrook!' opened on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre on May 18th 1961 to generally mixed reviews. Despite an enchanting score by Johnny Burke (described in Billboard as "highly listenable") and a first rate cast and creative team, the show closed after just 68 performances. In the week the show opened on Broadway, the original cast album of 'Donnybrook!' was recorded, produced by David Kapp for Kapp Records (Kapp was also co-producer on the show). The Original Broadway Cast album of 'Donnybrook!' now makes it's debut on CD, coupled with the highly collectable album of instrumental selections from Johnny Burke's score, performed by the Pete King Orchestra.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Sez I - Joan Fagan, Darrell J. Askey, Alfred Desio, James Gannon, Bruce MacKay, Clarence Nordstrom
1.3 The Day the Snow Is Meltin' - Eddie Foy
1.4 Sad Was the Day - Susan Johnson and Ensemble
1.5 Donnybrook - Ensemble
1.6 Ellen Roe - Art Lund
1.7 The Loveable Irish - Art Lund, Charles C. Welch
1.8 I Wouldn't Bet One Penny - Eddie Foy, Susan Johnson
1.9 He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely - Joan Fagan
1.10 I Have My Own Way - Art Lund
1.11 A Toast to the Bride - Clarence Nordstrom
1.12 Wisha Wurra - Eddie Foy, Alfred Disio, James Gannon, Bruce MacKay, Clarence Nordstrom
1.13 A Quiet Life - Art Lund
1.14 Mr. Flynn - Susan Johnson, Sibyl Bowman, Grace Carney
1.15 Dee-Lightful Is the World - Eddie Foy, Susan Johnson
1.16 For My Own - Joan Fagan
1.17 Finale - the Company
1.18 The Pete King Orchestra Plays the Music of 'Donnybrook!' (Stereo)
1.19 If It Isn't Everything
1.20 The Day the Snow Is Meltin'
1.21 Sad Was the Day
1.22 Ellen Roe
1.23 Sez I
1.24 A Toast to the Bride
1.25 I Wouldn't Bet One Penny
1.26 Donnybrook
1.27 He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely
1.28 Wisha Wurra
1.29 I Have My Own Way
1.30 Dee-Lightful Is the Word
1.31 For My Own
1.32 Mr. Flynn

Donnybrook / O.C.R.: Donnybrook / O.C.R.

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