Doomsday Kingdom: Doomsday Kingdom

Doomsday Kingdom: Doomsday Kingdom
Title: Doomsday Kingdom
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Deep down in the catacombs of Paris, between piled-up bones, damp air and the sense of our own mortality, Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling unexpectedly found new and sinister inspiration. For several years the Swede fought with health problems and was plagued by stress-related fatigue syndrome after decades in the music business in which he sustainably shaped the genre of doom metal with Candlemass and walked modern paths with Avatarium. He used this paralyzing emptiness to pick up his old acoustic guitar and compose the very first melodies of his new brainchild The Doomsday Kingdom. Soon he found new comrades-in-arms with Wolf-singer Niklas Stålvind, Andreas 'Habo' Johansson and his Avatarium colleague Marcus Jidell. Their journey led them through fields of classical doom metal but what made their sound so special was the pinch of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that they added to their leaden style. In combination with Stålvind's haunting vocals, The Doomsday Kingdom created an all-absorbing vortex.

1.1 Silent Kingdom
1.2 The Never Machine
1.3 A Spoonful of Darkness
1.4 See You Tomorrow
1.5 The Sceptre
1.6 Hand of Hell
1.7 The Silence
1.8 The God Particle

Doomsday Kingdom: Doomsday Kingdom

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