Doris De La Torre

Doris De La Torre: Original Cuban Masters

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Artist: Doris De La Torre
Title: Original Cuban Masters

The highly prized late 1950's recordings of bolero singer Doris De La Torre, one of the leading figures of the "Filin" (Feeling) movement that swept the clubs of Havana in the late 1950's. Doris was the lead vocalist of Felipe Dulzaide's legendary Cuban combo, and she also played vibraphone and guitar. These rare solo recordings are highly sought after by Cuban music enthusiasts - few singers could match de la Torres highly sensual, lush, romantic delivery. Of interesting note is the track "Ada", in which Doris sings in a combination of Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and even Yiddish! The fine orchestra on these recordings was arranged and conducted by Maestro Eddy Gaytin, an accordionist, vibraphone player bandleader who was born in 1929 in Argentina, but who moved to Cuba in 1950. Other famed Cuban musicians who play on this recording are: Felipe Yanez (piano), Orlando "Papito" Hernandez (bass), Walfredo de los Reyes (drums), Jesus Caunedo (saxophone), Pablo Cano (guitar), Antonio Machado (congas) and Alejandro "El Negro" Vivar (trumpet). All selections newly remastered.

1.1 Tu Dominas
1.2 En la Duda
1.3 Una Rara Sensacion
1.4 Imagenes
1.5 Ada
1.6 Asi
1.7 Anorado Encuentro
1.8 En la Imaginacion
1.9 No Me Culpa (Don't Blame Me)
1.10 Envenename los Labios
1.11 Me Recordaras
1.12 Criatura de Sol
1.13 Para Que Illusionarme
1.14 Si Alguien

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