Doug Benson: Unbalanced Load

Doug Benson: Unbalanced Load
Title: Unbalanced Load
Label: Comedy Central

UNBALANCED LOAD was recorded live April 20th, 2009. Why that date? Not because it's Hitler's birthday, but because 4/20 has been adopted as a stoner holiday and Doug is one of the biggest pot comics out there- he co-wrote THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES and starred in the documentary SUPER HIGH ME, in which he smoked pot continuously for 30 days. But Doug is so much more than that! You probably also know him from his regular appearances on VH1's BEST WEEK EVER and his exciting (sarcasm!) 6th place finish on LAST COMIC STANDING. It's a funny CD full of pop culture references, pot humor, and good times.

1.1 My Name Is
1.2 Super High Me
1.3 Three Legged Cat
1.4 Segues
1.5 The Hoover Dam Bit
1.6 New Orgasm Noise
1.7 I Love Movies
1.8 Boo and Hiss
1.9 Drinking
1.10 Public Restrooms
1.11 Mystery
1.12 Questions or Comments
1.13 How to Deal with Hecklers
1.14 Twitter
1.15 Best Story Ever

Doug Benson: Unbalanced Load

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