Down to the Bone

Down to the Bone: Dig It

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Artist: Down to the Bone
Title: Dig It

2014 album from one of the UK's best Jazz-Funk groove bands. Led by Stuart Wade, long-time producer/writer behind the band, they celebrate their 10th album release with DIG IT. Since the mid-'90s Stuart Wade and Down to the Bone have been injecting some fresh and funky grooves into the UK and US Jazz groove scene. Their past triumphs have included a #2 Billboard Jazz Album and becoming the best-selling Independent Jazz Artist of 1999 in the US. DIG IT is one of their strongest to date, including the exceedingly funky 'Meteorite', title track 'Dig It' and 'The Sweetness'. Other highlights include 'Happiness Is a Healer', one of two vocal tracks featuring Katie Leone.

1.1 Dropping Knowledge
1.2 The Bounce
1.3 Dig It
1.4 Happiness Is a Healer (Feat. Katie Leone)
1.5 Meteorite
1.6 Put a Different Spin on It (Feat. Katie Leone)
1.7 The Sweetness
1.8 Getting It Together
1.9 We're on the Move
1.10 Give Me Love

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