Dr. Dundiff: The Distance

Dr. Dundiff: The Distance
Title: The Distance
Label: Cold Busted
Product Type: VINYL LP

Louisville, Kentucky, a city with no shortage of musical heavyweights in it's history (look it up!), is home to the prolific hip-hop/neo-soul producer Dr. Dundiff. Armed with an array of instruments (including his trusty MPC) and a bevy of talented area collaborators, Dr. Dundiff has revealed The Distance, his latest ambitious album, released on the Cold Busted label. WIth over 40 projects under his belt - including past releases on Jakarta Records, Mellow Orange Music, and Grand Garden Records - Dr. Dundiff draws upon a wealth of musical experiences, all coming together harmoniously on The Distance. The album is deliciously jazzy and deliriously loose with crisp beats, smooth vibes, and amazing vocalists and emcees, including Claire Reneé, James Lindsey, K Raydio, Pink Siifu, and Shania Robinson. "What You Want," featuring the lovely Claire Rene and some stunning saxophone riffs, sets the tone on a smokey soulful sheen. It's the real deal, also evident in the abstract hip-hop of "Slip." Here the L.A.-based Pink Siifu transmits exquisite rhymes over Dr. Dundiff's remarkable production and a glorious, ramshackle rhythm. Another highlight is the exceptionally groovy "What I Want" (perhaps an answer to the earlier song?). The music wraps the listener in a warm territory not too far off from Blue LInes-era Massive Attack, guided by the voice of Shania Robinson. "Skat" is notable, as well, with a super-dope performance by renowned Louisville rapper James Lindsey and an emotive 'done different' music bed. And then there's the title track, featuring K Raydio's calm and reassuring vocal delivery, which soulfully drives home the theme of the album. As Dr. Dundiff says, "Everybody has someplace that they are and everybody has someplace that they want to be. And The Distance is the space between."

1.1 Welcome Feat. K. Raydio
1.2 What You Want Feat. Claire Reneé
1.3 The Right Time
1.4 Skat Feat. James Lindsey
1.5 Layla
1.6 Zeta
1.7 Riggin
1.8 The Distance Feat. K. Raydio
1.9 Flowers for Carol
1.10 Slip Feat. Pink Siifu
1.11 November 13
1.12 Thorn Feat. Touch A.C
1.13 Swan Lake
1.14 What I Want Feat. Shania Robinson
1.15 Goodbye Feat. K. Raydio

Dr. Dundiff: The Distance

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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