Dr. Packer

Dr. Packer: West End Reworks

$15.56 $18.98
Artist: Dr. Packer

Artist: Dr. Packer
Title: West End Reworks
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

West End records open the vaults once more to today's top editors and remixers. This incredible 12' sees Australian editor supreme Dr. Packer take the reigns. Raw Silk's total anthem 'Do It To The Music' goes under the knife, the good Dr. Has massaged, tweaked and embraced this early 80's gem into a 2019 dancefloor banger. All killer, no filler. Barbara Mason's 'Another Man' kicks off side B, another post Disco classic lovingly reworked with care and brushing shoulders with Shirley Lites powerhouse 'Heat You Up, Melt You Down', a dubbed out proto House monster that hits all the right spots. Back to back classics. Fully licensed, sanctioned and released by Above Board distribution and West End Records, 2019.

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