Dragged Into Sunlight

Dragged Into Sunlight: Widowmaker

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Artist: Dragged Into Sunlight
Title: Widowmaker
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing, Bleak, ugly, barren, and scorched are words that don't paint a pleasant picture, which is why they're all perfect to describe the sound of the UK's Dragged into Sunlight. The band, who have been compared to the likes of Eye-Hategod, Godflesh and Neurosis, and who appear masked in photos, play in near-total darkness and smoke and do not publicize their individual names. In 2010, Prosthetic Records signed Dragged into Sunlight and re-released the band's debut album Hatred For Mankind. 2012's Widowmaker is a grueling three-track, 40-minute release described by the group as "a concept album from beginning to end. It's different yet still leaves the listener thinking whether jumping out of a 4th floor window might actually be the best idea they've ever had." In other words, even more masochistic brutality with Widowmaker!

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