Dream Theater

Dream Theater: When Dream & Day Unite

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Artist: Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Title: When Dream & Day Unite
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing including insert with song lyrics. The successful progressive metal band Dream Theater released their debut studio album When Dream and Day Unite in 1989. With Charlie Dominici on vocals, they took their first step in becoming one of the world's best known bands in the progressive metal. It's their shortest release, but one in which you can hear what later became the signature of the band. With shreddy riffs and jazzy signatures the band putted their influences out of '70s and '80s prog rock. As a milestone in the evolution of progressive metal it's an album full of atmospheric keyboard sounds, epic vocals and some powerful riffs. Charlie Dominici got some similarity with the voice of Geddy Lee and even the melodies got some of the stronger parts from Rush. But all to all it's just a great start in the massive popularity they would receive a few years later. Dream Theater is one of the most successful bands in progressive metal.

1.1 A Fortune in Lies 5:12
1.2 Status Seeker 4:17
1.3 The Ytse Jam 5:46
1.4 The Killing Hand 8:41
2.1 Light Fuse and Get Away 7:23
2.2 Afterlife 5:26
2.3 The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun 8:05
2.4 Only a Matter of Time 6:35

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