Drive by Wire: Whole Shebang

Drive by Wire: Whole Shebang
Title: Whole Shebang
Label: Argonauta

Drive by Wire offer an intriguing and unique mixture of fuzzy Desert/Stoner Rock grooves and trippy, hazy vocals of Simone Holsbeek. A trip through the dusty desolate desert landscape, the swampy river delta, home to the band, 70's psychedelica, but also heavier themes inspired by the harsh reality of life and struggle with personal demons.

1.1 Kerosine Dreams
1.2 Woodlands
1.3 The Whole Shebang
1.4 Five Feat. High
1.5 Rituals
1.6 In This Moment
1.7 River Run
1.8 Rotor Motor
1.9 All Around
1.10 Voodoo You Do
1.11 Static

Drive by Wire: Whole Shebang

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