Drivin N' Cryin

Drivin N' Cryin: Live The Love Beautiful Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Drivin N' Cryin

Title: Live The Love Beautiful Live
Label: Drivin N Cryin Recs

Drivin N Cryin have been hitting stages for over three and a half decades. Building a solid reputation and following that stared at MTV, through avid streamers of today. The rock 'n' roll band has formed an institution supported by strong songwriting, a honest southern style, and loud, energetic shows. Drivin N Cryin has remained true to their sound though trends and bandmates have come and gone. Hese 11 songs connect the dots between the sounds that have shaped Drivin N Cryin's career since the beginning, mixing together the jangle of folk music, the weirdo textures of 1960s psychedelia, the punky slash-and-burn of old-school rock & roll, and the sweep of Kinney's southern ballads. They are now releasing their first single from Live the Love Beautiful called "Step by Step."

1.1 Free Aint Free
1.2 I Used to Live Around Here
1.3 What's Wrong with Being Happy
1.4 Step By Step
1.5 Spies
1.6 Live the Love Beautiful
1.7 If I'm Not There I'll Be Here
1.8 Someday
1.9 Ian McLagan
1.10 Over and Over
1.11 Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Care

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