Drowning: 23

Drowning: 23
Title: 23
Label: Fast Break

Ushering in a new sound of groove and intensity, Drowning breaks all the molds in the underground on their sophomore full length "23". Culling a refined stance with their urban influenced vocals and lyrical stories, written into their De-tuned vision of extreme music. With a bruise your face bass and drum rhythm section, you'll feel like you are in the middle of the pit before you realize that you straight up blew your speakers.

1.1 Danny Gunnz
1.2 World of Snakes
1.3 Gods
1.4 Burning Alive
1.5 Fake
1.6 Run It
1.7 Want It More
1.8 Uninspired
1.9 My Response
1.10 U.A.S.H

Drowning: 23

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