Drums Off Chaos

Drums Off Chaos: Centre

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Artist: Drums Off Chaos

Artist: Drums Off Chaos
Title: Centre
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Six-track mini-album from Drums Off Chaos, a project centered around Jaki Liebezeit All tracks on their second EP revolve around a vacant space in the middle. A center that is filled with nothing. The focus is on abstract, grooving drum music. Rhythms are reduced to their elementary nucleus to such an extent that they can be perceived as clearly singular but also as universal. And something emerges that follows universal laws such as gravity, ergonomics and acoustics. The album centers on rhythms that are based on simple numerical relationships allowing their richness to unfurl from within.

1.1 Say Hello to the Heat
1.2 Inner Circles
1.3 All Eleven
1.4 Dripstone Shift
1.5 Yedi
1.6 The Fringe Science

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