D'Sound: Beauty Is Blessing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D'Sound

Title: Beauty Is Blessing
Label: Bon Music

Asian exclusive reissue of the Norwegian dance/R&B act's 1998 album includes a bonus disc with eight tracks divided into two-parts, Part 1 - Live at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo 1997, features three tracks, 'Drummer Drummer', 'You Will Rise', & 'Ain't Giving Up, Part 2 - the Club Mixes, features five tracks, 'Enjoy' (Millennium Club Mix, Soft Air Mix), 'Ain't Giving Up' (Random Remix Extended Version), 'Down on the Street' (Tom Thumbdisco on the Street Mix), & 'Tattooed on My Mind' (Radio Version II, Random 101 Mix). Bon Music. 2003.

1.1 Enjoy
1.2 Ain't Giving Up
1.3 Boyfriend
1.4 Down on the Street
1.5 Every Raindrop
1.6 Beauty Is a Blessing
1.7 Sleepin in
1.8 Put Me Down Let It Loose
1.9 Tattooed on My Mind
1.10 Drummer Drummer
1.11 I Can Get Over You
1.12 You Don't Wanna Know Me
1.13 Pray to Fall Asleep
1.14 You Will Rise
1.15 Baby
1.16 Drummer Drummer (Live)
1.17 You Will Rise (Live)
1.18 Ain't Giving Up (Live)
1.19 Enjoy (Mix)
1.20 Enjoy (Mix)
1.21 Ain't Giving Up (Mix)
1.22 Down on the Street (Mix)
1.23 Tattooed on My Mind (Mix)

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