Duane Allman

Duane Allman: Skydog Tales

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Artist: Duane Allman

Artist: Duane Allman
Title: Skydog Tales

1.1 My Standard Is That All Members of My Band Have to Be Better Than Me
1.2 Duane Lives in Macon with Gregg and Berry
1.3 Over the Past Couple of Years He Has Probably Played on More Albums As a Session Musician Than Anyone
1.4 Idlewild South Has Just Come Out... And Yes We Are Naked on the Cover
1.5 Derek and the Dominoes Are a Great Band
1.6 Duane Loves the Fans
1.7 Dickie Betts Is An Amazing Player and the Allman Brothers Will Continue the Twin Lead
1.8 The Second Album Sounds More Loving and Duane Likes It Better
1.9 Duane Allman Loves the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia
1.10 Talks About Boz Scaggs, What He Thinks of Blood Sweat and Tears and Playing with Laura Nyro
1.11 How the Allman Brothers Got Together and Why Idlewild South Is a Stronger Album
1.12 Working with Aretha Franklin and Likes to Play Free Concerts
1.13 Duane Discusses Which Way Music Is Going and Should Be Fun Not Intellectual
1.14 New Album Is More Fun to Play Than the First
1.15 Why the Allman Brothers Sound Better Live Than in the Studio
1.16 How Did He Like the Cover of Dreams and How It Was Pleasure to Play with Eric Clapton
1.17 Originally Duane Was Going to Play on One Track and Ended Up on Most of the Derek and the Dominoes Album
1.18 The Difference Between Blues and Jazz
1.19 Being a Musician Is Like Having a Different Way to Communicate

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