Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington: My People

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Duke Ellington

Title: My People
Label: Storyville Records

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves during the Civil War, jazz giant Duke Ellington began work on a special suite of music commemorating the struggles, triumphs and ongoing battle for the civil rights of blacks in America. This jazz masterpiece debuted in Chicago in the summer of 1963. Legends such as pianist and composer Billy Strayhorn and drummer Louie Bellson were a big part of the performance. And while portions of this master suite have been available for years, this is the very first time the complete piece has been available in it's entirety.

1.1 Jungle Triangle, Pt. 1
1.2 Come Sunday
1.3 Will You Be There/99% Won't Do
1.4 Ain't But No One
1.5 David Danced
1.6 Heritage (My Mother, My Father and Love), Pt. 1
1.7 After Bird Jungle
1.8 Montage
1.9 My People (Soap Box)
1.10 The Blues Ain't
1.11 Blues at Sundown
1.12 Walking and Singing the Blues
1.13 Working Blues
1.14 My Man Sends Me
1.15 Jail Blues
1.16 I Love My Lovin' Lover
1.17 Jungle Triangle, Pt. 2
1.18 King Fit the Battle of Alabam
1.19 King
1.20 Purple People
1.21 What Color Is Virture
1.22 Purple People [Music]
1.23 Piano Blues Ouverture
1.24 Strange Feeling
1.25 Heritage (My Mother, My Father and Love), Pt. 2

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