Tony Duncan: Singing Lights

Duncan, Tony / Yazzie, Darrin: Singing Lights
Title: Singing Lights
Label: Canyon Records

FromTony Duncan and Darrin Yazzie- the intonation of the flute is great with the guitar which is no easy task, and the compositions and improvisations are beautiful. The recording is balanced between slower and medium tempos, but all pieces are played with beauty, skill and depth. A GREAT recording:)

1.1 Where the Wind Blows
1.2 Singing Lights
1.3 Our Daughters
1.4 Dance of Coyote
1.5 Sedona Sunrise
1.6 Sacred Cave
1.7 Mother's Beauty
1.8 Niache ("My Son")
1.9 Rhythms of Sunrise
1.10 Together We Danced
1.11 Nakai (Whippoorwill")
1.12 Beauty Surrounds Me

Tony Duncan: Singing Lights

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