Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield: Reputation: Expanded Deluxe Collector's Edition

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Dusty Springfield
Title: Reputation: Expanded Deluxe Collector's Edition

Digitally remastered and expanded three disc (two CDs + PAL/Region 0 DVD) edition. Dusty Springfield's late career renaissance owed it's triumphs more than a little to her collaborations with the Pet Shop Boys, a partnership that resulted in four tracks being written by them and five tracks being co-produced by them for her 1990 album Reputation. This collector's edition includes the original album, all known extended versions and remixes, the b-sides from the singles released from it and the promotional videos of those singles on a DVD PAL, 0. Also, although not part of the original release, this edition also includes Shep Pettibone's Disco Mix version of the 1987 Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield hit 'What Have I Done To Deserve This?' (UK#2, US#2) on which Dusty was joint lead vocalist. This was the song to catapult Dusty back into the public eye and the charts for the first time in well over a decade. Packaged in a mini LP style sleeve, this special collector's edition is completed with a 32 page full color booklet containing extended sleeve notes that compile Dusty's own thoughts on the album and it's songs. Also included are exclusive insights from Dusty's close friend and backing singer Simon Bell and from Tris Penna who worked for EMI at the time of the album's original release and who had special responsibility for overseeing it.

1.1 Reputation
1.2 Send It to Me
1.3 Arrested By You
1.4 Time Waits for No One
1.5 Born This Way
1.6 In Private
1.7 Daydreaming
1.8 Nothing Has Been Proved
2.1 I Want to Stay Here
2.2 Occupy Your Mind
2.3 What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Disco Mix)
2.4 Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield
2.5 Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance Mix)
2.6 In Private (12" Version)
2.7 Reputation (Lots of Fun 12" Mix)
2.8 Arrested By You (Extended Version)
3.1 Nothing Has Been Proved (Original Mix)
3.2 In Private (Remix)
3.3 In Private (Bonus Beats)
3.4 In Private (Dub)
3.5 Reputation (Lots of Fun Single Mix)
3.6 Reputation (Alternative Mix)
3.7 Reputation (Rep U Dub 1)
3.8 Reputation (Rep U Dub 2)
3.9 Born This Way (12" Mix)
3.10 Any Other Fool
3.11 When Love Turns to Blue
3.12 Getting It Right
3.13 Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental)
3.14 Daydreaming (12" Master Edit)
3.15 Nothing Has Been Proved
3.16 In Private
3.17 Reputation
3.18 Arrested By You
3.19 I Want to Stay Here

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