Akane Makita

Akane Makita: Chamber Music with Piano

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Artist: Akane Makita

Artist: Akane Makita
Title: Chamber Music with Piano

Dutilleux: Chamber Music With Piano / Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia Soloists, Composer: Henri Dutilleux / Performer: Akanè Makita piano, Andrea Oliva flute, Francesco Di Rosa oboe, Francesco Bossone bassoon, Artist Soloists of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia / Number of Discs: 1. The death of Henri Dutilleux on 22 May 2013 robbed the musical world of one of it's most distinctive voices. Dutilleux was renowned for his exquisite craftsmanship and feel for instrumental color, as well as for an extraordinary generosity of spirit that was invariably reflected in his music. Indeed, pianist Akanè Makita describes Dutilleux as a 'generous, sensitive man' who, when the artists involved in this recording wrote to him to tell him about the project, replied to say how 'greatly touched' and 'moved' he was. This warm and unexpected response from such an eminent composer inspired the musicians to put their all into the recording; the fact that it was completed on the day of Dutilleux's death makes it all the more fitting a tribute to him. Award-winning pianist Akanè Makita is joined on this recording by principal soloists of the legendary Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Recorded in 2013 in Rome. Henri Dutilleux is without doubt one of the most remarkable contemporary composers, and his music is frequently performed all over the world. Upon his death in 2013 he was recognized as "one of the greats". His musical language is highly original and emotional, not "easy", but accessible for everyone with an open ear and mind. This attractive program of chamber music with piano features works for flute, bassoon and oboe. Dutilleux fully explores the possibilities of each instrument, and discovers fascinating new timbres. Excellent performances by award-winning pianist Akanè Makito, and members of the famous Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

1.1 Sarabande - Francesco Bossone/Akane Makita
1.2 Cortège - Francesco Bossone/Akane Makita
1.3 Allegretto - Andrea Oliva/Akane Makita
1.4 Andante - Andrea Oliva/Akane Makita
1.5 Animé - Andrea Oliva/Akane Makita
1.6 Aria. Grave - Francesco Di Rosa/Akane Makita
1.7 Scherzo. Vif - Francesco Di Rosa/Akane Makita
1.8 Final. Assez Allant - Francesco Di Rosa/Akane Makita
1.9 Allegro Con Moto - Akane Makita
1.10 Lied - Akane Makita
1.11 Choral Et Variations - Akane Makita

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