Dyke & the Blazers

Dyke & the Blazers: We Got More Soul: Ultimate Broadway Funk

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Dyke & the Blazers
Title: We Got More Soul: Ultimate Broadway Funk

Two CD set from Arlester "Dyke" Christian and his band the Blazers, who are second only to James Brown as trailblazing avatars of Funk. We Got More Soul - the Ultimate Broadway Funk is the ultimate collection of this consummate black artist. The complete Dyke & the Blazers recordings 1966-70 - a whopping two and a half hours worth of steaming grooves - have been liberated from previously locked vaults, all presented here from the master tapes. The original released versions of most Dyke & the Blazers material were edited down from lengthy jams, with Dyke riding the groove in his own inimitable manner. Meticulous tape research means we are now able to hear for the first time the full length unedited, unexpurgated takes, exactly as they were run down live in the studio. Classic items including 'Let a Woman Be a Woman', 'Stuff', 'Funky Walk', 'Funky Bull' and 'Runaway People' are sometimes twice as long as originally presented. Additionally there are a staggering fourteen unissued titles, ranging from downhome R&B grooves such as 'Swamp Walk' and 'Extra Funk', to dead-on-the-one funk workouts like 'Booga Jivin' and 'Let's Do It Together', that really should have been released. 51 tracks. BGP. 2007.

1.1 Funky Broadway Parts 1 ; 2
1.2 So Sharp
1.3 Swamp Walk
1.4 Broadway Combination
1.5 Uhh Parts 1 ; 2
1.6 Extra Funk
1.7 City Dump
1.8 Don't Bug Me
1.9 Funky Broadway Time Part 1
1.10 Funky Broadway Time Part 2
1.11 She Knows It
1.12 Why Am I Treated So Bad
1.13 Triple Funk
1.14 Wrong House
1.15 KGF J Promos
1.16 We Got More Soul
1.17 Booga Jivin'
1.18 Wobble
1.19 Bring It on Back
1.20 Shot Gun Slim
1.21 Funky Bull Parts 1 ; 2
1.22 Black Boy
1.23 It's Your Thing
1.24 Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man
1.25 Funky Walk Parts 1 ; 2
1.26 Soul Cake
1.27 Stuff
1.28 My Sisters' ; My Brothers' Day Is Comin'
1.29 Moon
1.30 You Are My Sunshine
1.31 Let's Do It Together
1.32 I'm So All Alone
1.33 Runaway People

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