E-40: Sharp on All 4 Corners: Corner 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: E-40

Title: Sharp on All 4 Corners: Corner 2
Label: Heavy on Grind Ent.

2014 release, the 24th album from the prolific rapper, released simultaneously with. SHARP ON ALL 4 CORNERS: CORNER 1. Like clockwork, you can depend on E-40 to deliver new material with regularity and most importantly with a now expected flair for being engaging, current, full of features and of the upmost quality. In 2010 he surpassed a new benchmark when he signed to Heavy on the Grind, owned by his first son Droop-E. Together they released E-40's 13th and 14th albums entitled REVENUE RETRIEVIN' DAY SHIFT and REVENUE RETRIEVIN' NIGHT SHIFT. Now E-40 is set to change the game again with the release of SHARP ON ALL 4 CORNERS: CORNER 1 and CORNER 2. As usual, expect E-40 to deliver tracks sharper than a two edge sword!

1.1 It's the First
1.2 That's Right
1.3 Bass Rocks
1.4 Sellin' Dope Ain't Fun
1.5 Real Nigga
1.6 Quit Hatin'
1.7 Heavy in the Game
1.8 Bout' to Pour Up
1.9 Baddest in the Building
1.10 Sleep
1.11 Real Game for a Player
1.12 Jumpin' Like Mine
1.13 Street Sense
1.14 Give Me Love

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