Earth Mass & Old Man Wizard: Collapse

Earth Mass & Old Man Wizard: Collapse
Title: Collapse
Label: Big Riff Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Earthmass - 'Collapse' 180 gram Black vinyl. Old Man Lizard/Earthmass - 'Through The Hole In The Sky' split, 7' Clear vinyl. Collapse as an album seems more down to earth than ORMR. ORMR had it's head in the clouds so to speak, it dealt with the astral plane and was elegant, clean and majestic. Collapse though is more sludgy, darker and gritty. It's not darkness and despair, but the tracks have more of a sense of doom about them. Also unlike ORMR, all the tracks on Collapse have vocals but they are never used as an excuse to show off the vocal talents of Jack Burley and Chris Houghton; nonetheless, they all add to proceedings. The opening chords of 'Awake: Crisis,' bring a sense of dread with them before the punch. The space doom the band crafted on ORMR is still present in the album, but it seems more grounded and earthbound.Chris Saunders - GuitarJack Burley - Drums & VocalsChris Houghton - Guitar & VocalsRob Saunders - Bass.

1.1 Awake: Crisis
1.2 Divergence
1.3 Weakling
2.1 Loom: Drowse
2.2 Loom:Barren

Earth Mass & Old Man Wizard: Collapse

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