East West Blast Test

East West Blast Test: Popular Music for Unpopular People

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Product Type: CD

Title: Popular Music for Unpopular People
Label: Ipecac Recordings

From grindcore to experimental to funk to lounge to purely invented ethnic music, the second East West Blast Test album, Popular Music for Unpopular People, pushes the envelope and straps in the listener for an aural rollercoaster ride, one that simultaneously assaults and pleases the senses. Ipeac. 2006.

1.1 Kind of Black and Blue
1.2 The Last Drop
1.3 In the Dogloo
1.4 Unfantastic Voyage
1.5 The Fathership Invasion
1.6 Passport to Papua
1.7 Lithe
1.8 Senor Polyp
1.9 Don't Drink the Atwater
1.10 Unwanted Inches
1.11 Anne R. Kaye
1.12 Pope's Nose
1.13 Chasing the Dragon
1.14 Soft Robotics
1.15 Corkmaster
1.16 In the Multi-Purpose Room
1.17 Otoko No Niku
1.18 The Great Carny Breakout
1.19 Yin Yin
1.20 Eight Hours North
1.21 Welcome to the Geelong (Now Go Home)
1.22 Eight Hours North
1.23 Welcome to the Geelong (Now Go Home)

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