Eastern Lane: Article

Eastern Lane: Article
Title: Article
Label: Rough Trade

They may look like they wouldn't say boo to a mouse and they do come from a nice, country-esque town (the terribly handsome Berwick-Upon-Tweed) but they are neither of the following two things: meek, or boring. Eastern Lane release their eagerly anticipated second album 'The Article'. Rough Trade. 2005.

1.1 Daffodils for My Mother
1.2 No.5
1.3 I Said Pig on Friday
1.4 For the Sun
1.5 I Feel Liberated
1.6 Wait a Little Longer
1.7 Feed Your Addiction
1.8 Saffron
1.9 Desires of Liars
1.10 Goodbye Rose Garden
1.11 Pretty Good
1.12 They Gave Me Scripts to Read

Eastern Lane: Article

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