Eddie Spaghetti

Eddie Spaghetti: Extra Sauce

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 02/04/2022
Artist: Eddie Spaghetti

Title: Extra Sauce
Label: Reptilian
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Sauce spans seven decades of songwriting and showcases Spaghetti'simpeccable song choices and uncanny ability to sing the drinking songsfor drinkers who like to drink the drinks

1.1 The Best of All Possible Worlds (K. Kristofferson)
1.2 Bottom Dollar (B. Shaver/D. Finley)
1.3 Sleepy Vampire (E. Spaghetti)
1.4 Gotta Get Drunk (W. Nelson)
1.5 Misery ; Gin (John Durrill/Snuff Garrett)
1.6 Little Ol' Wine Drinker, Me (Mills/Jennings)
1.7 I Don't Want to Lose You Yet (S. Earle)
1.8 Sea of Heartbreak (Paul Hampton/Hal David)
1.9 Cocaine Blues (T. J. Arnall)
1.10 Killer Weed (E. Spaghetti)
1.11 Peace in the Valley (Love/Love/Thompson/Tonin)
1.12 Blue Shadows on the Trail (R. Newman)

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