Eduardo De La Calle

Eduardo De La Calle: Icosahedrite

$13.92 $16.98

Artist: Eduardo De La Calle
Title: Icosahedrite
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Icosahedrite" refers to the geometric figure icosahedron, and it represents the amalgam of electronic music styles with aspects of traditional musical genres on this EP. "Phason Jazz" sees conventional jazz structures converge with electronica - Eduardo de la Calle's influences from Miles Davis and John Coltrane are apparent. Twisted keyboards patterns mixed with delays and deafening effects. "Mr Dewey D" is refers again to Miles, but it is much more influenced by Dark Comedy (aka Kenny Larkin) and the French label Poussez. The floating pianos on "Rhythmic Soundscapes" combine with back-and-forth bass sounds, forming a musical piece with techno sensibilities.

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