Efialtis: Efialtis

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Efialtis

Artist: Efialtis
Title: Efialtis
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Efialtis present four feral tracks of stripped down, high-energy, mid-tempo punk, with despotic vocals and ominous Greek lyrics. The sharp guitar and buzzing bass wade through combative drumming, all tough as nails, perfectly enhancing the nightmarish unease underlying their sound. Ten minutes of '80s-inspired, rudimentary jaggedness, complete with catchy songwriting, tight delivery and a production that's appropriately massive and the right amount of shambolic. Limited to 500 copies.

1.1 Efialtis (2:44)
1.2 Krania (2:10)
1.3 Telepathitiko (2:19)
1.4 Oneiropagida (2:38)

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