Ejs: Decades A Part To Play

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Artist: Ejs

Artist: Ejs
Title: Decades A Part To Play
Product Type: VINYL LP

Take one part sonically conjured by EJS with the Ill Chemist himself: an Ageless Turning Carousel with a steady humming beat so sedan it glides for a quarter an hour. Add the Suite From Saturday Night Sonnets, with ThunderChucker hitting the pistons and maximum torque captured 'nearly live' by producer Babi Pal. Top dead center with tenor sax and diction by master poet EJS, and you have five fantastic classic rolls for your joint. Some bump, some glide, some long jump."

1.1 Ageless Turning Carousel
1.2 Saturday Night Sonnet #4
1.3 Saturday Night Sonnet #11
1.4 Saturday Night Sonnet #8
1.5 Saturday Night Sonnet #10

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