El Perro Del Mar: El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar: El Perro Del Mar
Title: El Perro Del Mar
Label: The Control Group

"Enthralling folk-pop from Gothenburg, Sweden. Everything about Sarah Assuring is intriguing, from her promotional photographs - prim school ma'am with a Chihuahua perched on her knee - to her brittle marriage of 60's girl-group sounds with muted tones. Four stars" - Uncut. "A minimal Phil Spector sound. Unique and magical" - the London Times. "Heartbreak and loneliness have never been so beautiful" - Word Mag.

1.1 Candy
1.2 God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)
1.3 Party
1.4 People
1.5 Dog
1.6 I Can't Talk About It
1.7 Coming Down the Hill
1.8 This Loneliness
1.9 It's All Good
1.10 Here Comes That Feeling
1.11 Shake It Off (Us Bonus Track)

El Perro Del Mar: El Perro Del Mar

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