Electrelane: No Shouts No Calls

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Electrelane

Title: No Shouts No Calls
Label: Too Pure

Label Description: Following "Rock It to the Moon" (2001), "Power Out" (2004), and "Axes" (2005), there seems to be a new kind of light shining on Electrelane that remains strong throughout this record, but the willingness to push the envelope hasn't left the band either. "No Shouts No Calls" is an album of enticingly irregular brilliance. "Electrelane effortlessly assimilate a wide cut of moods and influences - the off kilter harmony of the Velvet Underground, the droning insistence of Krautrock heroes Can, the bratty brashness of feminist popsters Le Tigre - into a heartfelt batch of art-pop that never sounds snobby" - Blender.

1.1 The Greater Times
1.2 To the East
1.3 After the Call
1.4 Tram 21
1.5 In Berlin
1.6 At Sea
1.7 Between the Wolf and the Dog
1.8 Saturday
1.9 Five
1.10 Cut and Run
1.11 The Lighthouse

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