Electrelane: Rock It to the Moon

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Electrelane

Artist: Electrelane
Title: Rock It to the Moon

Originally released on Electrelane's own label Let's Rock in 2002, 'Rock It to the Moon' received much critical acclaim and established Electrelane's as a unique and powerful band. Shunning conventions and expectations, it is a primarily instrumental record that builds with passion, intensity and atmosphere at every twist and turn. 'Rock It to the Moon' is a pulsating, spiraling and emotive beast where dirty metal-derived guitar riffs, heavy bass-lines, omnipresent intoxicating Farfisa organ and a centered, building drum beat weave and climax in a thrilling nu-wave, garage-rock and Krautrock-esque combined assault. At once avant-garde, yet also toying gently with a pop aesthetic - the animated organ on 'Film Music' and 'Blue Straggler' and the chugging guitar, hand-clapping and harmonizing on 'Spartakiade' - each track is unforgettably infectious.

1.1 The Invisible Dog
1.2 Long Dark
1.3 Gabriel
1.4 Film Music
1.5 Blue Straggler
1.6 Many Peaks
1.7 Le Song
1.8 Spartakiade
1.9 U.O.R
1.10 The Boat
1.11 Mother

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