Electric Flag

Electric Flag: A Long Time Comin'

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Electric Flag

Artist: Electric Flag
Title: A Long Time Comin'

'60's debut from ex-Butterfield Band guitarist Mike Bloomfield and drummer Buddy Miles. Includes bonus tracks and previously unreleased cuts including Sunny; Look Into My Eyes; Killing Floor; Groovin' Is Easy; Wine and more!

1.1 Killing Floor
1.2 Groovin' Is Easy
1.3 Over-Lovin' You
1.4 She Should Have Just
1.5 Wine
1.6 Texas
1.7 Sittin' in Circles
1.8 You Don't Realize
1.9 Another Country
1.10 Easy Rider
1.11 Sunny
1.12 Mystery
1.13 Look Into My Eyes
1.14 Going Down Slow

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