Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra: Moment of Truth

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Product Type: CD

Title: Moment of Truth
Label: Curb Special Markets

ELO Part II-the revival of the celebrated symphonic rock outfit through the stewardship of drummer Bev Bevan-brings an epiphany of sound and music with this sophomore release from 1994.

1.1 Moment of Truth (Overture)
1.2 Breakin' Down the Walls
1.3 Power of a Million Lights
1.4 Interlude 3
1.5 One More Tomorrow
1.6 Don't Wanna
1.7 Voices
1.8 Interlude 2
1.9 Vixen
1.10 The Fox
1.11 Love or Money
1.12 Blue Violin
1.13 Whiskey Girls
1.14 Interlude 1
1.15 Twist of the Knife
1.16 So Glad You Said Goodbye
1.17 Underture
1.18 The Leaving

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