Eleine: All Shall Burn

Eleine: All Shall Burn
Title: All Shall Burn
Label: Black Lodge Records

Eleine is releasing their EP "All Shall Burn" November 22nd 2019. "All Shall Burn" mirrors a rough period in time festered with pain and despair, yet also relief and unity. Taking a step into the darker and heavier metal, Eleine manages to maintain their seductive sound, with beautiful symphonies and melodies, that their fans has come to know and love. You've been betrayed sometime in your life, right? Imagine yourself walking out of that despair with a smile, a bleeding heart that will slowly heal, knowing you now have a clearer path to reach your goals in life. "United we join the fight, against our enemies."

1.1 Enemies
1.2 All Shall Burn
1.3 Mein Herz Brennt (Rammstein Cover)
1.4 Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) – Symphonic version
1.5 All Shall Burn – Symphonic version

Eleine: All Shall Burn

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