Eleine: Dancing In Hell (Black & White Cover)

Eleine: Dancing In Hell (Black & White Cover)
Title: Dancing In Hell (Black & White Cover)
Label: Black Lodge Records

After a huge success with their EP "All Shall Burn" late 2019, ELEINE now releases their third full-length album "Dancing In Hell" on November 27th, 2020. Ith a natural step into the darker and heavier sound ELEINE delivers an album that sets a new standard within the symphonic metal genre with hard hitting, melodic and seductive metal that has become the renowned ELEINE sound. With "Dancing In Hell", ELEINE share stories of inner demons, strength and loss. You've surely been pushed down and even alone from time to time in the fight you're in, whatever that might be, right? Imagine yourself standing in the center of your own personal hell, but you have a smile on your face because you know that united we have the strength to push through. In "Dancing In Hell", you will find a legion to lean against and be a part of. Get ready to feel empowered like never before.

1.1 Enemies
1.2 Dancing in hell
1.3 Ava of death
1.4 Crawl from the ashes
1.5 As I breathe
1.6 Memoriam
1.7 Where your rotting corpse lie (w.y.r.c.l)
1.8 All shall burn
1.9 Die from within
1.10 The world we knew
1.11 Die from within (Symphonic Version)

Eleine: Dancing In Hell (Black & White Cover)

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