Eleine: Eleine

Eleine: Eleine
Title: Eleine
Label: Black Lodge Records

Eleine is releasing their self-titled 2017 debut album physically worldwide for the first time. "More often than not, evil lingers in the promise of good". This is what Eleine is saying with their album Eleine. There will always be someone promising prosperity and utopia, when in actuality all you do is aid the beast in fulfilling it's own goals. A comforting voice, that hiss of tender words, convincing you to not open your eyes. Symphonic metal needs to be strong to survive - and Eleine demonstrates the evolving nature of the genre - with some thrillingly beautiful vocals, majestic musical mastery, iridescent invention and awe-inspiring ambition.

1.1 Land Beyond Sanity
1.2 Destiny
1.3 Gathering Storm
1.4 Devotion
1.5 Turn to Dust
1.6 A Glimpse of Hope
1.7 A Sin
1.8 Death Incarnate

Eleine: Eleine

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