Elena Tarasova: La Folie

Elena Tarasova: La Folie
Title: La Folie
Label: Etcetera Records

... Chopin, Liszt, Rakhmaninov - are Lena's nature where she possesses all multicolor of piano's tints. She has her own system of adaptation before going to the stage. The look is estranged, and with her inner hearing she replays the program in her head... Then celebration of the mass starts, and during this time nothing exists except the Music. It is the professionalism of the high standard. Magazine MusicianWe especially should mark the play manner of Elena Tarasova, that combines softness in itself, filigree technique and force, that let her greatly embody absolutely different music images. Newspaper - Russian musician.Significant impression was left by careful, elegant initial touch of Elena Tarasova. "Circularity" of phrasing, drill and conciseness of details, irreproachable petty technique - all of these are together with aspiration "to impart the character of composition", but not "to make the character of soloist-virtuoso". The quality is not often seen among modern pianists, who often tend to "physicality". Magasine "Florestan"«It is worthy to mention the high culture of touch of 34-year-old pianist who superbly manages to make the instrument sound according to the composer's plan. She immerses the listener in a warm and deep sound of Tchaikovsky's "Reverie du soir", while Rachmaninov's selected preludes sometimes have a rather powerful touch which constantly heighten the interest in the pianist's playing. She is easily imbued of a variety of musical ideas [... ] The pianist always correctly selects agogics, and with the help of phrasing she manages to reveal the images that lurk in the music. A magnificent recording of a well-arranged program of a musician, the world should hear more about.

1.1 Les Folies françoises, ou Les Dominos
1.2 Masques
1.3 Rhapsodie espagnole
1.4 Masque
1.5 Variations sur un thème de Corelli

Elena Tarasova: La Folie

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