Elephant Mojo

Elephant Mojo: Cool in America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elephant Mojo

Title: Cool in America
Label: Sony BMG

Fuse tight grooves with deep funky bass-lines, add catchy guitar riffs and outlandish samples, pour a passionate vocal melody in and you've got the energetic musical cocktail of Elephant Mojo. One of Brisbane's buzz bands, Elephant Mojo are hitting the market with their tongues planted firmly in cheek with the new EP Cool in America. A commentary on the Australian psyche, the title track hacks into the tall poppy syndrome, making the point that local doesn't mean inferior. Elephant Mojo evolved from the suburbs of sunny Brisbane in early 2003, where they quickly became popular on the local scene with their lively songs and overall sense of fun on, and off the stage. Their funk laced rock melodies and dynamic dance rhythms equal one well-oiled machine into what can only be recognized as their own distinctive Elephant Mojo sound. Sony. 2005.

1.1 Cool in Ameirca
1.2 Under Electric Skies
1.3 Sick and Tired
1.4 Ability
1.5 Close to the Edge
1.6 Building An Empire
1.7 Wood, Metal Skin
1.8 Star Dust
1.9 Cool in Ameirca

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