Elgar / Howarth / Callow / Wilson

Elgar / Howarth / Callow / Wilson: Spirit of England / Binyon Settings

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Product Type: CD

Title: Spirit of England / Binyon Settings
Label: Somm Recordings

Poet Laurence Binyon is known today for one famous verse from "For the Fallen," the complete poem being the most substantial part of Elgar's the Spirit of England and the other two poems being "The Fourth of August" and "To Women." with this important new release SOMM commemorates World War I, and the courage and patriotism of those who fell defending England. The war inspired Elgar to write some of his most moving pages of music, which he dedicated "To the memory of our glorious men." the PhilharmoniaOrchestra, under the baton of John Wilson, and the London Symphony Chorus, under the direction of Simon Halsey, bring these pages to life in the most inspiring way. Another "plus" is the premiere recording of Elgar's Complete Incidental Music to Binyon's Play Arthur, edited and conducted here by Ben Palmer and his Orchestra of St Paul's.

1.1 The Fourth of August - Judith Howarth/London Symphony Chorus/Philharmonia Orchestra
1.2 To Women - Judith Howarth/London Symphony Chorus/Philharmonia Orchestra
1.3 For the Fallen - Judith Howarth/London Symphony Chorus/Philharmonia Orchestra
1.4 With Proud Thanksgiving
1.5 Carillon - Simon Callow/Bbc Concerto Orchestra
1.6 Introduction to Scene 1
1.7 Now You Have Told Me
1.8 End of Scene 1
1.9 Introduction to Scene 2
1.10 Introduction to Scene 3
1.11 Put Me on the Barge
1.12 Link to Scene 4
1.13 Introduction to Scene 4
1.14 Scene 4 Curtain Rises
1.15 And Both Dangerous
1.16 It May Be, the Truth
1.17 The Queen Approaches
1.18 King Arthur's Fellowship
1.19 As the King Wills
1.20 The Radiant Rose of
1.21 Our Queen!
1.22 Ah False and Faithless
1.23 SC 4 Reading Letter
1.24 Introduction to Scene 5
1.25 No Tree Was There
1.26 Introduction to Scene 7
1.27 Go Lucan, to Meet Her
1.28 Thy Sword, My Life,
1.29 End of Scene 7
1.30 Introduction to Scene 8

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