Eligh: Last House On The Block

Eligh: Last House On The Block
Title: Last House On The Block
Label: Eligh Music

Eligh, one of the founding members of the infamous Living Legends crew returns with his first official solo record since 2010's Grey Crow, Last House on the block. In between that 8 year gap he has put out 3 collaborative albums as well as a triple disc album with his Living Legends counterpart, The Grouch. On this album, Eligh taps into some sounds and textures from his past and sits behind the boards for a majorirty of this album. He brings along the likes of The Grouch, Zion I, Reverie, Evidence, R.A. The Rugged Man, and more

1.1 Enter
1.2 Hey You
1.3 Last House on the Block
1.4 Once Again (Feat. Dela)
1.5 Blue 99
1.6 Burn (Feat. Evidence)
1.7 Still Chasing (Feat. R.A. the Rugged Man ; Eamon)
1.8 The Pod (Interlude)
1.9 Space Odyssey
1.10 Float
1.11 Pain on the Break (Feat. the Grouch)
1.12 Karma
1.13 Truly Ok
1.14 J.R. High Love
1.15 Littles
1.16 Focused (Feat. Zion I ; the Grouch)
1.17 Thursday Child (Feat. Priya Darshini ; Max ZT)
1.18 Score 01

Eligh: Last House On The Block

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