Ellmatic: Face The Blank Page

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ellmatic

Artist: Ellmatic
Title: Face The Blank Page
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. We've all been waiting long enough. After 3 years of hard work and perfecting his craft, Ellmatic knows it's time to finally drop his solo debut Face the Blank Page. The album includes tracks with various producers that Ell met during his journey to become a true artist and of course some dope MC's from HET VERZET joined him on this masterpiece. Ellmatic takes you into his world of timeless Hip Hop in it's purest form, marking his name on the map. The last single "Wicked Every Time" is on the album along with his new single "No One Can Harm Me", produced by Sneadr. Check out the music videos and put the album on repeat. You won't regret it! With features by Blabbermouf, Dookie and Ntan.

1.1 Face the Blank Page Intro
1.2 Enough
1.3 No One Can Harm Me
1.4 Wicked Every Time
1.5 That's All
1.6 After Midnight
1.7 Schizophrenic
1.8 Do What I Must
1.9 When It Comes to Skills
1.10 The Man with the Strange Kung Fu
1.11 Promise
1.12 Malfunction
1.13 Ride Along

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