Elsie Parker

Elsie Parker: Catel: Discovered Manuscripts Quartets For Clarinet, Violin, Viola And Cello

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elsie Parker

Title: Catel: Discovered Manuscripts Quartets For Clarinet, Violin, Viola And Cello
Label: Summit(Classical)

"These are delightful quartets, by French classicist Charles-Simon Catel, for Clarinet and String Trio. They are a fine discovery and significant addition to the repertoire for this combination."-John Bruce Yeh, Clarinetist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra"Elsie brings to vivid life, these gems of chamber music for the clarinet. They are a delight to listen to, and her performances will hopefully help cement them in the repertoire."-Scott Andrews, Principal Clarinet, The St. Louis Symphony OrchestraCharles-Simon Catel (10 July 1773-29 November 1830) was born at L'Aigle, Normandy, France. From an early age he showed musical talent, and began his formal studies at the age of 11 with the Italian composer, Antonio SacchiniCatel's quartets for clarinet, violin, viola and cello date from 1796 to 1799. His other chamber musical works include woodwind quartets, string quintets and sonatas for piano. His larger works include a heroic ballet and many operatic successes.Elsie's Parker's woodwind playing (clarinet/flute/tenor sax) is influenced by works of French composer Michel Legrand, and Argentinian tenor saxophonist/composer Gato Barbieri.Kristin Ahlstrom, Shannon Williams and Bjorn Ranheim are all esteemed major orchestra string players.

1.1 Quartet #1 in Eb Major: 1. Allegro moderato
1.2 Quartet #1 in Eb Major: 2. Rondeau
1.3 Quartet #2 in G Minor: 1. Andantino
1.4 Quartet #2 in G Minor: 2. Allegro vivace
1.5 Quartet #3 in F Major: 1. Allegro moderato
1.6 Quartet #3 in F Major: 2. Rondeau allegretto

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