Emapea: Zoning Out Vol. 2

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Emapea

Title: Zoning Out Vol. 2
Label: Cold Busted
Product Type: VINYL LP

With his acclaimed debut album Seeds, Roots & Fruits, an inclusion on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz 8, and notable Cold Busted compilation appearances, the Polish beat-master Emapea has been a producer to watch. Early in 2018 he unveiled Zoning Out, Volume 1, an album intended for chilling while deep in thought, or for getting into that crucial head-nod zone, like when the DJ drops the dopest beat. With listeners ready for more rhythmic brain-food, Emapea provides with the anticipated next installment: Zoning Out, Volume 2. Developing the theme of Volume 1, Emapea takes his jazzy sensibilities and fresh drum patterns and ups the ante, delivering 18 mandatory cuts that swerve and shimmy while exhibiting pure dopeness. Take "Last Cypher," which is an infectious funk-hip-hop hybrid that flows with more than a few surprise embellishments. There's also the low-rider spy-hop of "Big Small Talks"; "Tantra" with it's smooth, old school ride; the sensual boom bap of "Blue Almonds"; and the infectious, latin-lounge-tinged "Rainy Day". These are no-nonsense beat compositions, perfect for thinking, for grooving, for dreaming, for zoning out. Emapea and Cold Busted come correct once again.

1.1 Lax to TL
1.2 Special Update
1.3 Flip It Back
1.4 Last Cypher
1.5 Let It Flow
1.6 Big Small Talks
1.7 Pretty Ugly
1.8 Tantra
1.9 Smoking Lounge
1.10 Please Chill
1.11 Blue Almonds
1.12 Headphones Music
1.13 Underground Theme
1.14 Mad Winter Zone
1.15 Feel Over Math
1.16 Orange Island
1.17 Rainy Day
1.18 Roundabout

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