Embrace: Embrace

Embrace: Embrace
Title: Embrace
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the British Alt-Rock band, the long-awaited follow-up to their 2006 album This New Day. With the self-titled album EMBRACE, the band have mined their very essence and delivered a piece of work that unearths the core of what Embrace have always been about - skyward-bound music of the soul that reaches far beyond life's parameters. As a group, Embrace have always inspired a fervid and devoted following - not because fashion dictated but because theirs was always a sound and a voice that elevated while, paradoxically, grounded that feeling in something that was real - the band simply would not compromise on their output, not anymore. It had to feel right. While the new record does contain the kind of soul-bearing honesty and vertiginous, life-affirming choruses that typifies their music - with the new album an element of raw darkness lurks with almost conspiratorial glee beneath - with the Good Will Out as their songs of innocence, Embrace encapsulates their songs of experience.

1.1 Protection
1.2 In the End
1.3 Refugees
1.4 I Run
1.5 Follow You Home
1.6 Quarters
1.7 At Once
1.8 Self Attack Mechanism
1.9 The Devil Looks After His Own
1.10 A Thief on My Island

Embrace: Embrace

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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